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The Georgian Index

British History Online -- The definitive source for information about everything from the architecture of Almacks to specific political figures.

The Jane Austen Centre in Bath

Nancy Mayer, Regency Researcher

The Regency Encyclopedia -- (a special login ID and password has been created for visitors from my website. Log in to The Regency Encyclopedia with "JWaugh" and the password "Research" both of which are case sensitive.)

Regency England -- 1790 to 1830
Regency Era Timeline - from the Regency Assembly Press, a compilation of historical and cultural events by year.

The Republic of Pemberley

Regency Era: Fashion History, Culture and Lifestyle

British Money
How Much Is That? -- Calculate how much today's dollar or pound was worth in a specific year.
Currency Converter -- from the National Archives of the UK
Agricultural Districts of the British Isle -- map from 1915 but relevant to the Regency
Prices and Wages in Great Britain 1700-1725
Smugglers' Britain --the unedited online version of Richard Platt's excellent resource.
Regency Mail
-- Susanna Ivies' excellent blog about the cost of postage, mail coaches and the location of post offices.

Acts of Parliament - 1837 thru 2011
Introduction to the House of Lords Ceremony --detailed account of the ceremony. It was changed based on the recommendations in this 1998 report.
British Parliament - official website
Proceedings of the Old Bailey -- contains accounts of 100,000 criminal trials 1674-1834
UK Statute Law Database

Hearth & Home
Book of Household Management by Isabella Beeton -- Late 19th century, but chock full of advice on how to deal with servants and other household issues. Wonderful period recipes, as well as priceless info on what to do with rancid butter, etc...
Database of UK House Names -- great resource for naming a house/estate
Georgian Townhouse -- terrific description and pictures from Jane Austen's World.
Decoration of Houses by Edith Wharton-- Written in the late 19th century. Wonderful descriptions of walls and window treatments, floors and ceilings, halls, ballrooms and saloons. Trying to figure out what furniture is in your heroine's bedchamber? This is the place.
Food Timeline -- when meals were laid according to country. Includes what was eaten for breakfast.
Old & Interesting -- a history of domestic paraphernalia with photos of antiques.  Particular emphasis on laundry but there also is info on cooking and beds.
Regency Town House
- take a tour of a Regency town house.

1811 Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue -- buckish slang, unjiversity wit and pickpocket eloquence by 18th century British antiquarian, Frances Grose.
International Dialects of English Archive -- hear different British accents.
Accents of the British Isles - Listen to British accents and follow along on a map
Online Scots Dictionary -- English to Scots English translation
1811 Provincial Glossary with A Collection Local Proverbs and Popular Superstitions -- by Francis Grose, author of the Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue.
Regency Assembly Press Lexicon -- words and expressions
Sportsman's Slang - 1825 dictionary of terms relative to the turf, boxing and the cockpit.
Writing Implements of the 19th Century
-- John C. Loring's excellent display of 19th century pens, pencils and accessories.

Birth Control -- a fantastic article on the topic of conception from Jane Austen's World. Includes links to more resources.
Calendar-- Need to know what day Christmas fell on in 1814? The phase of the moon for a specific date in history? Check out this site. It can generate calendars for any year and any country.
England and Wales precipitation totals - 1766 to 2011

Flora and Fauna of Great Britain
Monthly Mean Temperatures for Central England 1659-1973
Domestic Medicine in 1785 by W. Buchan
History of British Winters -- from 1616 to present day
Making Fire with Flint & Steel
-- the procedure for lighting fires in the days before Lucifer sticks.

British Nobility -- Wikipedia list of extant and extinct titles dating from 1066-present. Includes the family name.
Debrett's Forms of Address
Peerage in the United Kingdom
-- everything a writer needs to know about the peerage system in Britain. Note: this is a modern point-of-view so some policies have changed since the 18th and early 19th centuries.

Leigh's 1819 New Picture of London -- everything the Regency writer needs to know about life in London. From how provisions were supplied, to street indexes, places of worship and public buildings.
London Panoramas -- 360 degree views of select bridges, squares, parks, etc...
Squares of London -- Georgian Index's outstanding site for descriptions of and tenants living in London's residential squares during the Regency.
Vauxhall Gardens -- singers, musicians, performers, proprietors and staff from 1661-1859

1662 Book of Common Prayer
A Table of Kindred and Affinity
-- consanguinity, a list of marital relationships forbidden by the Church of England.

Chambers' 1869 Book of Days -- detailed description of historic events, biographies of famous people, and customs and culture.
Correct Forms of Address - Laura Wallace's fantastic resource of the proper way to address the peerage.
Fashion Era -- Pauline Weston's wonderful website of clothing for all time periods.
Gaskell's Compendium of Forms -- Late 19th century but sure to be applicable earlier. Written form of address for letters of condolence and apology, dinner invitations, weddings and balls.
Jane Austen's World - comprehensive list of resource links about social customs of the Regency.
Letters from the Past -- provided by the Victorian Web. Information about postage costs during the Regency period, franking and who paid what. Many fine examples of period letters.
Mourning -  fashion and customs from Jane Austen Centre in Bath.
Regency Dancing -- everything you want to know about the topic, including dance steps.
Regency Dances - fantastic website where you can actually see how it's done!
Regency Encyclopedia's Georgian Names -- Sue Forgue has created a wonderful name generator based on data she gleaned from A special login and password has been created for visitors from my website to access RE. Login with "JWaugh" and password "Research" both of which are case sensitive. Then click on "Georgian Names."
The Most Common Surnames - lists the most common surnames in Britain by geographical location.

Jo Beverley's Regency Names
Regency Era Names
The Internet Surnames Database -- plug in a surname and it will tell you where it comes from and what it means.
World of Inkslinger's Society - has perhaps the most comprehensive research on Regency names.
Regency Skin Care & Cosmetics -- Yvonne Forsling's excellent website on the topic.

Social England Under the Regency -- by John Ashton, 1834
Vintage Textile
-- High style 18th and 19th century vintage clothing and costume

Horse/Traveling Facts -- Jean Ross Ewing/Julia Ross' excellent resource on the care and feeding of horses, plus how far they can travel.
List of the Flying Coaches, Stage Coaches,Waggons, and Carriers -- An exact and compleat List of the Flying Coaches, Stage Coaches, Waggons, and Carriers, with the Inns they come to, and Days of the Week they go out of London; collated this present Year 1721.
David Rumsey's Historical Map Collection -- must have Google Earth to use. Overlays of historical maps.
Gardiner's Atlas of English History -- maps of Europe and England from the 5th century to the 19th
Genmaps -- old maps of England, Scotland and Wales from
Mapquest United Kingdom -- find the distance between cities
Google Maps
-- click on "Directions" and choose the walking man icon to find out how far and how long it takes to get from one place to another on foot.
Greenwood's Map of London 1827
Gen Maps -- Old London maps from 1553 to 1918
London and Environs Maps and Views -- collection of antique maps of Britain and London.
Richard Horwood's Map of London -- 1792 thru 1799
Map of London in 1818 -- Pre John Snow
Turnpike Roads in England - links to lists of turnpike trusts

Tools of the Writing Trade
Accent marks:



Babelfish Translator
Dictionary of Sexual Terms
Etymology Dictionary

Google Translate
Internet Resources for Writers
The Historical Thesaurus of English